'My yesterdays walk with me. They keep step, they are grey faces that peer over my shoulder'.

Free Fall

Somehow, somewhere, Sammy Mountjoy has lost his freedom, the faculty of freewill ‘that cannot be debated but only experienced, like a colour or the taste of potatoes’. As he retraces his life in an effort to discover why he no longer has the power to choose and decide for himself, the narrative moves between England and a prisoner-of-war camp in Germany.

'I set out to write a patternless novel'.

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End of teaching career

Shortly after the publication of Free Fall, Golding was finally able to give up his job as a teacher at Bishop Wordsworth’s School, Salisbury, due to […]

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Nick Shales

Nick Shales appears in the final part of Free Fall in a memory from the protagonist Sammy Mountjoy. According to Sammy, Shales was ‘the best teacher I […]

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William Golding’s Early Life

William Golding was born on 19th September, 1911, at his grandparents’ house in Newquay, Cornwall. The house, called Karenza – Cornish for ‘love’ – was aptly named […]