'I must not let madness steal up on me and take me by surprise'.

Pincher Martin

Drowning in the freezing North Atlantic, Christopher Hadley Martin, temporary lieutenant, happens upon a grotesque rock, an island that appears only on weather charts. To drink there is a pool of rain water; to eat there are weeds and sea anemones. Through the long hours with only himself to talk to, Martin must try to assemble the truth of his fate, piece by terrible piece.

Judy explains the 'twists' in Golding's enigmatic novel.

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The title of the American edition of Pincher Martin is The Two Deaths of Christopher Martin. Golding’s American publishers were concerned that ‘Pincher’, a term used in the […]

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Pincher Martin In Pincher Martin, Christopher Martin has been shipwrecked and is surviving on a rock, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. His time on […]

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