'That they will conquer the world is a nightmare that haunts me'.

The Double Tongue

Golding’s final novel, left in draft at his death, tells the story of Arieka, one of the last priestesses of Apollo to prophesy at Delphi, in the shadowy years when the Romans were securing their grip on the tribes and cities of Greece. The plain, unloved daughter of a local grandee, she is rescued from the contempt and neglect of her family by her Delphic role. Her ambiguous attitude to the god and her belief in him seem to move in parallel with the decline of the god himself – but things are more complicated than they appear.

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Death of William Golding

Golding died on 19th June 1993, while at home in Cornwall. His final novel, The Double Tongue was left in draft at his death. It was published […]

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In The Double Tongue, Anticrates is Arieka’s father. He is a rich man who owns at least a mile of land near Delphi, which will […]

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International Women’s Day

William Golding was frequently asked why he chose to feature only boys in Lord of the Flies, rather than including girls as part of the group. […]