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An Egyptian Journal

Early in 1984, Golding and his wife Ann went to Egypt, travelling up the Nile by boat. Their excursions were sometimes to famous ruins, but also to remote villages, and scenes of rural farming unfamiliar to Western eyes. As a result the book provides a more thoughtful and also more troubled account than the expected travelogue. Golding's view of his experiences is unique and challenging - his own photographs supplement his marvellously vivid descriptions.

John Carey's new biography of William Golding

John Carey

Drawing almost entirely on materials that have never before been made public, John Carey, the distinguished writer and critic, sheds new light on Golding. Through hundreds of letters, unpublished works and Golding's intimate journals, Carey draws a revelatory and definitive portrait of an extraordinary man. In an absorbing and compelling narrative, he reveals a many-sided figure: a war-hero, a reclusive depressive who considered himself a 'monster', a family man, a victim of fears and phobias who battled against alcoholism, and a writer who trusted the imagination above all things.

Follow the link below to hear 'audio snippets' where Carey reads from his highly praised new biography.

William Golding: The Man Who Wrote Lord of the Flies